Eve Harlow Acupuncture


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Eve is amazing! She really listens to me, but is also really good at picking up what is going on for me and what to treat. I always come out feeling amazing. I don’t know what I would do without her amazing sessions
— Maria P

The treatment I received from Eve far exceeded my expectations. Following the 1st session I felt fully 10 years younger! Lower back and sciatic pain I had suffered for several years virtually disappeared and I was able to move without considerable pain. During the treatment I felt the blockage clearing – wonderful! The 2nd session dealt with more deep and longer term issues – this had a more profound effect, getting rid of a lot of accumulated blockages and emotions
— Derek

Eve’s skilful acupuncture practice has been transformational for me over the past cruise time. Today I enjoyed a 5 mile walk through Halifax (Nova Scotia). A far cry from the stress I was experiencing in my lower back and hips two weeks ago. She’s a gem! As a professional psychotherapist myself, I would be happy to refer my clients to Eve
— Trudi

Eve’s skill in dealing with the whole person turned routine care into an exceptional experience. Together with her technical expertise, Eve took a calm, understanding and patient approach which was most helpful. The 3 sessions accomplished more than multiple times with physiotherapy, and TENS unit and Chiropractic care. She treats as a sensitive, wise and empathic person who clearly cares about her patients healing. Taken together, the mechanics of acupuncture, provided by a warm caring person, made this experience very rewarding and I would highly recommend this treatment by Eve
— Dr Terry Z

Eve made my trip much more enjoyable. Prior to the cruise, serious leg discomfort affected my life, playing golf, walking, climbing stairs. I had decided to seek medical intervention when I returned home. Amazingly after just one treatment the result was unbelievable!!! Discomfort was not mitigated, it was eliminated. I am a convert! Eve, you helped make my trip pain free and enjoyable. Thank you!
— Jim

Nearly a year ago, I fell downstairs and hurt my back. I’ve tried physiotherapy, chiropractic, drugs, massage, topical ointments, and an epidural, yet walking, standing, sitting and bending remained torture. I had tried acupuncture for other issues before with scant results. With Eve I felt significant reduction in pain and was able to walk comfortably for significant distances and slept better than I have in some time. My vacation was much more enjoyable than it would have been and I feel hope in going away and avoiding back surgery. The treatment, relaxation and massage were wonderful. To really listen to your body during treatment is a revelation
— Kathy