Eve Harlow Acupuncture

Many people are cautious about trying acupuncture because they don’t like needles. The acupuncture needles we use are so small that you don’t feel them. I have treated many needle phobic people over the years who have enjoyed acupuncture and had great results.
The question I am asked more than any other is "What does acupuncture do…..how does it work?" 
Here are 5 scientifically proven effects of Acupuncture treatment;

1. Acupuncture Releases Endorphins
Endorphins are the body's natural pain killers and work in a way similar to morphine and codeine. This is one reason acupuncture is so effective for relieving all kinds of pain from arthritis, back pain, sciatica to headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia.  Endorphins are also known as the "happy hormone" and can induce euphoria, which is one reason Acupuncture can be effective in cases of stress, depression and anxiety.   

2. Acupuncture Boosts the Immune System
Acupuncture raises levels of specific hormones prostaglandins, white blood counts, gamma globulins, and overall anti-body levels. We all need a strong immune system to be healthy so this is one way that acupuncture can help us all. This is very important for people suffering with a low immune system, frequent infections, allergies and to recover equilibrium after the use of antibiotics.

3. Acupuncture Increases Circulation
We all need good circulation to be healthy and enable our bodies to heal and repair as they should. By increasing the circulation acupuncture allows a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients to flow to an area which will help to relieve pain and facilitate long term healing. This is very important after an injury, surgery and many other complaints.
4. Acupuncture helps support Healthy Weight Loss
There are many ways in which acupuncture aids weight loss, here are some of them;

  • Strengthens the digestive system
  • Reduces appetite and cravings
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Boosts energy
  • Reduces comfort eating by aiding stress, mood swings, depression

5. Acupuncture releases Serotonin
Low serotonin levels are linked with anxiety, depression, insomnia, addictions and an increasing number of other conditions. By helping to regulate serotonin levels acupuncture is able to assist with these conditions and this is another reason for the mood enhancing effect of acupuncture.